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所蔵番号 505497 所在 4番書架 分類番号1 M.082
貸出状態 貸出可 ISBN 978-0-19-875794-8 分類番号2 G61
タイトル The role of arbitration in shipping law
著者 Goldby, Miriam : Mistelis, Loukas
出版者 Oxford Univ. Press
発行年 2016
キーワード 海事法/海商法/海事仲裁
内容 Contents.
The significance of commercial customs, usages, and practices in the resolution of commercial disputes, by Rhidian Thomas
Enforceability of 'Spontaneous Law' in England: some evidence from recent shipping cases, by Miriam Goldby
Spontaneous standardization and the new Lex Maritima, by Bryan H. Druzin
Standardization theory and the limits of its applicability, reflections by Andromachi Georgosouli
The modern international conventions governing the Carriage of Goods by Sea: the lonely exceptions to the maritime law's widespread preference for arbitration, by Michael F. Sturley
Incorporation of a charterparty arbitration clause into a Bill of Lading and its effect on third parties, by Yvonne Baatz
Competition of arbitral seats in attracting international maritime arbitration disputes, reflections by Loukas Mistelis
Maritime arbitration in London: publication of awards, appeals, and the development of English Commercial Law, reflections by Ian Gaunt
Maritime arbitration in Spain: the delocalization of dispute resolution and the shrinking recourse to arbitration, by Manuel Alba
Maritime arbitration in China: strive for a bigger presence, by Guo Yu
Common types of shipping arbitration: in Singapore and London, reflections by Leng Sun Chan, SC
Lex Maritima: vanishing commercial trial-fading domestic law?, by Gralf-Peter Calliess and Annika Klopp
Transnational shipping law: the role of private legal actors in international shipping, Andreas Maurer
The role of standard forms and arbitrators: in developing a transnational law of shipping, reflections by Clare Ambrose
The role of arbitrators and the possibility of a genuine arbitral case law: the continental perspective, by Olivier Cachard
The importance of commercial knowledge in maritime arbitration: observations from New York, reflections by John D. Kimball
The contribution of arbitration to the law, reflections by Bernard Rix
Dispute resolution in the maritime world: arbitrators in support of mediation, reflections by Jonathan Lux
ページ数 xxv, 295 p.